Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome To Post #50

Tonight marks post number fifty on the blog, which seems both small and large.

It has been a busy few days here in Troy, all of it day to day activity that seems to be growing on a, well, daily basis. Whether it is a neighborhood party to take a look at a new sidewalk (Nice work Heather and Jim), or a high school football (way to go Troy High, I always enjoy it when they beat Colonie), or driving around the streets to see how everything is in the overnight hours (which is where I'm headed tonight), there is something to be done.

Some people would probably call that campaigning. I look at is as part of my job. From the outset of my term in office I said one of my biggest responsibilities would be the biggest cheerleader the City has. It is the part of the job I truly enjoy.

More of the same tomorrow, with a little door to door mixed in. It is obviously important to talk to as many people as you possibly can during the course of a re-election campaign, and though I have wonderful conversations just about everywhere I go, I enjoy the intimacy that having a one on one conversation provides. Plus the Giants do not start until 4 p.m., so you have a better talk with the football fans.

I hope you are enjoying this absolutely beautiful weekend.