Friday, September 28, 2007

Troy Night Out

Very few words tonight. Instead I present a photo essay called, "My Day Today."

Whenever you can have a Friday morning that begins by opening a new business, you know it will be a good day. We are proud to welcome Truly Rhe- A Unique Boutique to the City of Troy. Rhe is situated on Second Street, near Broadway, next to Some Girls. You absolutely must stop in when you get a chance, she has done a great job putting the store together.

After the ribbon cutting it was on the police station for an important press conference. Today's news dealt with two things, the capture of two burglars with the assistance of our residents (more on this later in the weekend), and the updated numbers from the Street Crimes Unit.

As you know, we instituted the Street Crimes Unit earlier this summer when the crime numbers started to tip in the wrong direction. More on this later as well. Here is a picture of some of the evidence the SCU has picked up since July 31st.

Of course tonight was Troy Night Out, and what can you say. Despite early, and obnoxious rain conditions, the crowds were simply overwhelming. Throughout the entire night, restaurants were packed, people were walking around, and there was a buzz in the air. The Ramblin' Jug Stompers got into the action, playing a show in front of the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall prior to the big Albany Symphony Orchestra show tonight.

One of the great things about Troy Night Out is how quickly things change. Here is a picture of State Street a little after 6 p.m.

And this is State Street just an hour and half later. Many thanks go out to the Shilly Shally Fire Arts group and that Static Port for putting on a tremendous show. The crowd watching on State Street was quite the unique mixture, ranging from RPI and Russell Sage students to Symphony guests, longtimes residents to first-time visitors.

The City of Troy put on one helluva show tonight. Many thanks to all those who continue to make this monthly event such a great success.

Have a nice weekend!