Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Chill In The Air...

The calendar may still say its summer, but the weather outside today had a distinct autumnal feel to it.

As the days tick by until the election, the more events there are to attend, the more parties there are to stop by, and of course the more walking there is to do in the neighborhoods. It is interesting walking door to door in neighborhoods this year. In past election bids, when I had the opportunity to talk to people and ask for their vote it was all about promising different things, proposing unique ideas.

This time around it is a little different. As I walk and talk to people, I especially look forward to talking about what is happening in the City of Troy. Instead of discussing my love for Troy, I now have the opportunity to talk about what we're doing about to make our home a better place.

Politicians make a lot of promises. I am not a politician. I would like to think of myself as a person who is serving the City that he loves and will move on when all is said and done. Though I am confident that we will be victorious in less than two months, I am trying to take it all in at the same time. Once re-elected, we will have four years to really push things forward in Troy. We like to say, Keep Troy Moving Forward. That's what this election is all about.

People are talking about our great City around the entire state. That is no exaggeration. But they have talked about us before. And for whatever reason we have failed to capitalize on our past momentum. I do not want to see that happen again. We will always have our detractors, particularly from inside the City. But as a team we can, and will accomplish, so much.

So if you see me out walking door to door, or downtown enjoying the weather, or any place else, stop and say hello. Tell me what you think needs to happen to make better. Tell me what you like, what you don't. And of course, you can continue to e-mail us at

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.