Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jammin on the River...

An excited crowd of several hundred people turned out for the Uncle Sam Jam in Riverfront Park today. It was an exciting day of music and festivities for the whole family.

Excellent work done by all the organizers involved, including Vito Ciccarelli, who you may know is running for City Council. Vito has done a tremendous job organizing community events for the last few years, and I think he will make an excellent representative on the City Council. I enjoyed the afternoon in Riverfront Park for several hours before and after taking part in a number of City events today. It certainly has been a beautiful weekend, a very appropriate unofficial goodbye to summer.

Here are some pictures from today's event. Below is a shot of the crowd in the early afternoon.

Local favorites Rocky Velvet:

Pets are always welcome.

This here is my new friend Drew, who brightened up the day considerably. He asked a couple of rather funny questions, including, "Where are your bodyguards," before taking off and saying, "I can't wait to tell my friends I met the mayor." The pleasure was definitely all mine.

A couple enjoying the day.

Another shot of the crowd.

A great day even for the boaters.

And finally, the story of the day. A cruise ship, The Grand Mariner, pulled into town as the festivities were going on. Turns out that there were 87 passengers on board from Chicago, and they were headed toward Rhode Island. But not before stopping in Troy for the night. Our overnight guests, at least some of them, appeared to be enjoying the random festival they stumbled upon. Even further evidence that we must continue to increase out events in the downtown area. You never know who will stop by, and who they may one day bring back.

Have a relaxing Labor Day!


P.S. Keep the e-mails coming.