Friday, September 7, 2007

The Relocation of City Hall

It has been a very interesting week. To say the least. The excitement was extensive and something to remember.

By now, everyone knows that the City has come to agreement with a local company to purchase the City Hall site and redevelop it.

For years we have bemoaned the fact that the riverfront in Troy was underutilized and not conducive for future development. Look no further than the site of City Hall for proof of that problem. Yesterday's announcement hopes to take care of that.

We are still working on the final details of the agreement, but in the end, Judge Development Corporation will own the parcel where the current City Hall stands. In return for that, JDC will purchase 1776 6th Avenue, the current Verizon building for the purposes of moving City Hall to that site.

The positives of this project are innumerable. We are receiving a different building to move into. at little cost to Troy. There will be new development on the waterfront. More people will be living, and spending money, downtown. The tax base will increase. Better use of the riverfront. And most importantly, limited effect on City residents. There will be no increase in taxes to help support this plan.

Because we are in the early stages of this idea, the plans for the future site of City Hall will not be ready for several months. It will include residential and retail development, as well as increased access to the Hudson River. It is a true "win-win." It will be done in a manner that JDC will have a wonderful site to develop, while financially we come out on top.

Predictably some people have tried to politicize this venture, failing once again to see the benefits to the entire City. Apparently my opponent also did not see the 120 cheering people on hand for yesterday's announcement, despite the fact he was standing ten feet away.

Before the City Council is asked to take one step forward on this project, it will be completely unveiled to the public, hearings will be held, and everyone informed. In the end, the only people that will be against it will be those that like to constantly tear down our City. It is pathetic. Hopefully it will end in a few months.

You will be hearing more about this project in the coming weeks. If you need any information, please contact me at

Busy weekend in Troy coming up. The Festa Italiana is underway at the Italian Community Center, and it is Uncle Sam Weekend in Lansingburgh.

Have fun and be safe.