Sunday, September 23, 2007

It All Starts With The Kids

Of all the events I get to participate in as Mayor, I have to say that visiting the schools in the City is likely my favorite.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to stop by School 12 to drop off some supplies for the kids. It was a collaborative effort between myself and the Capital Alliance of Young Professionals (CAYP), which is a start-up group aimed at connecting young professionals throughout the area. The President and Founder of CAYP is Maxine Barasch, who contacted me several weeks ago, after our original meeting, and said that her group would like to donate school supplies to a school in Troy. That set the wheels in motion.

I thought it was a wonderful idea, and immediately responded by saying that I would match the donations the group received.

On Friday we headed over to School 12 to present the supplies to the kids, and encourage to stick with school and work hard. You would not believe the looks on kids faces when I tell them I attended School 18 and Troy High. You always get one in the crowd who will raise his or her hand and say, "So, I can be Mayor?"

I always respond the same way. "If you work hard, and stick with school, you absolutely can."

For more information on CAYP, check out

And some pictures of Friday's class.

A heated discussion was taking place.

The supplies...

The class after it had bestowed some School 12 t-shirts to us.

Let the race begin...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
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