Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Interesting Day For A Parade

The saying goes, "It's a wonderful day for a parade." Today? Notsomuch. And yet despite zero cooperation from Mother Nature, I would have to say it was quite successful, all things considered.

Much credit goes out to all of the residents in Lansingburgh, and the many visitors that huddled on their porches, invented makeshift umbrellas, and did all they could to stay dry as the Uncle Sam parade marched through the streets. It makes marching worthwhile to see people sticking with the parade despite the bad weather.

All the thanks in the world goes out the Uncle Sam Parade Committee, which works very hard each year, not just on the parade, but the entire weekend. The festival in Knickerbacker Park afterwards was excellent as well, despite what can only be described as miserable conditions.

One final thank you to all those that showed up to march on a less than perfect day. Many of the local marching bands were inspiring in their will to get through the rain and entertain the crowds. You even had politicians walking through the streets in the rain, which is a rather entertaining sight. Then you had the pretenders that decided not to march and see the people, but did show up afterwards to hand out their literature. The people always love that.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Here are some pictures from below today. We brought the trolley I purchased several years ago down to Knickerbacker Park to blow up some balloons and greet people. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing that. Thanks to all those who attended and helped out.

Elvis and I.
The trolley, with my father Naz aboard.

One of the local marching bands, wearing the number one fashion of the day, the clear poncho.

Another band marching single file into the park.

A lone marcher packing it in for the day.

Have a great Monday!