Monday, August 13, 2007

A Partridge In The Clubhouse

One of the great things about Saratoga is you really never know who you will run into.

Like today, when David Cassidy stopped by and said hello. No really, he did.

As you know, today was the 4th Running of the Troy Stakes Race, and it was quite a day.

Perhaps the most common thread everyone can share when at the track is that when the temperatures hover in the low 80's with a strong breeze and no clouds can be seen, winning takes a backseat to just enjoying the day.

Believe it or not, it is frustrating to have days like this when you are Mayor. You want to have fun and relax, but at the same time, there is a lot of work to be done, and missing one day of work always sets you back. That said, one of my most important job duties is to be the ambassador for the City, and it is always great hearing from people about how they like what is happening in Troy.

The race was just as exciting as in previous years. The heavy favorite held the early lead, but by the end of the 5 and 1/2 furlongs, a horse named TD Vance had out dueled the others for top prize. Garrett Gomez, who I found out today goes by the nickname Go-Go, rode the horse to victory.

There was even a bit of controversy, as the number three horse, was disqualified after bumping what appeared to be a few horses down the stretch.

Here's some pictures:

The winner with jockey aboard just after the race. You can see the three horse has not yet been taken off the board.

Here is TD Vance. Apparently this is a guy that likes to have his picture taken. He stayed calm throughout the entire process.

Here just about everyone is awaiting to see what was going to happen with the race. There was a delay because they cannot award the trophy for the race until it is official. Gomez is relaying what he thought happened down the stretch.

Turns out the trainer for TD Vance, H. Graham Motion, standing to my right, has actually won the race before. Two years ago, he trained Funfair. Needless to say he was happy to see me again, which is always nice.

It was an exciting day, we saw a lot of familiar faces up in Saratoga, and hopefully did a good job of getting the Troy name out there a little more.