Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One of those days...

Welcome to Wednesday night blogging, where I accidentally erased the message I was just about to post. Sometimes technology can drive you mad.

Anyway, here we go again. Today was one of those important days where there will not be much in the newspaper tomorrow about progress in the City, but inside of City Hall a lot was getting done. While it is too early to let the cat out of the bag on the latest occurrence, you can be sure when the time is right, I'll have a few things to say.

I did have a wonderful opportunity to head up to the Rensselaer County Senior Citizens picnic in Grafton today to talk with some tremendous people. I want to thank all of the well-wishers, the great support, and the humorous words of encouragement from the seniors at the picnic. I never get tired of hearing people talk about their love for Troy, and their feelings about how the activity happening now pleases them. Keep it coming!

Tomorrow is going to be quite a day. We have a very exciting press conference taking place on top of Hedley Park Place, where we will announce expanded wireless networks throughout the downtown area. This is of great importance in our quest to have people move back into downtown Troy and make it a 21st century City. I will be sure to grab some pictures from the roof and post them over the weekend.

There is also a City Council meeting tomorrow night, and we are looking forward to having the labor contract we agreed to with the Troy Firefighters passed by the Council. It is a fair deal for both sides, and we are more than pleased with the givebacks we received in health care. Those costs have been skyrocketing for several years, and the UFA should be commended for recognizing that and finding common ground with the City.

More on the Council meeting tomorrow...

Have a great day! And be sure to drop us a line at