Monday, August 20, 2007

An interesting evening...

Earlier this evening, I was sitting with the Deputy Mayor and my wife Francesca at her restaurant when Jim Franco from the Record stopped by to get a comment on a story he was working on about the campaign.

As we chatted we saw two males outside of the cafe engaged in illegal drug activity. We called the police to come and check out the situation, and waited for them to arrive. Just a few minutes later, they rolled in and arrested the individuals. As it usually happens in these cases, the two men apprehended for one thing, ended up being charged with a few more crimes. The men had additional drugs on them, and were walked over to the Troy Police Station for arraignment.

Needless to say, the Record has quite a story, as Jim witnessed the entire episode. I am sure you will be able to read more about that in tomorrow's paper.

As for the other story, my opponent, looking to capitalize on the success of events that we have worked diligently to develop and maintain in the past three years, such as the Saturday's ChowderFest, wants to have a Business Improvement District created for the downtown. You won't see me agree with him much, but here goes.

I thank him for taking note of the events that we were able to create, with the help and ingenuity of local business owners. Whether it is the River Street Festival, or the ChowderFest, or the wildly successful Troy Night Out, we are doing a great job of creating activities for the people in the City, and the visitors we are trying to lure.

He seems to have forgotten that it was under his leadership that the City allowed such wonderful events, like the Riverfront Arts Festival, to die without a fight. As you will see over the next 11 weeks, actions are certainly more important than words.

He may be happy to hear that movement is already afoot to bring a Business Improvement District to the downtown. You may remember that in 2005, the BID was passed in its initial form, only to be taken down by the New York State Comptroller and a City Council member for several minor issues with the original vote.

Unfortunately, I believe that personalities got in the way of the original BID. I think a lot of people have learned from that, and the time is right to try and create a BID once more. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

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