Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Trust is perhaps the most important attribute an elected official must have if he or she is to be successful and maintain a moral compass.

Tonight we held a Meet the Candidates debate at CEO between the mayoral candidates, and while it is always an interesting exercise that takes place each election cycle, more than anything, tonight got me thinking. My opponent, which I have neglected to mention once on this blog, as he has not brought up one legitimate issue in the past three months without some type of attack, took the opportunity to make some bizarre accusations.

The big problem is that none of it is true. None of it. And when someone says something about you that is false, your first instinct is often to become defensive. Politics is a dirty game, and the fact that someone can create stories and falsify issues without being called on it is something we must deal with.

In the end, this election will come down to a few issues, each of which I believe my administration has addressed, and will continue to do so moving forward. The support from people, whether it is going door-to-door, e-mails, or phone calls, has been overwhelming. I'd like to think it comes down to trust. I do not lie to people, I tell everyone what is on my mind. I don't think I would ever want to change that.

I walk into City Hall each day with one goal in mind, to do what is best for the taxpayers of our great City. I will never waver from that notion. It is perhaps what I am most proud of.

Thanks for listening.