Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One Week Left

Tonight we talk about moving Troy forward together.

The last four years have brought incredible growth and progress to the City of Troy.

We were recently ranked as the second fastest growing city in the entire region by the Business Review. And much of that is due to the renewed interest in our great City.

Since I have taken office, our Planning Board has seen a 90-percent increase in activity over the previous years. We have received more than $10 million in grants since the beginning of 2006.

Capital investments through the Troy Local Development Corporation and the Industrial Development Authority have gone over the $185.6 million mark.

Recently we had our bond rating increased by Moody’s and Standard and Poor which recognizes that the City is in the best fiscal condition of the last 20 years. We finally have reached a point where we can pave roads and purchase equipment after ridding ourselves of the liberal tax and spend policies from the past.

The icing on the cake is that we have projects along Hoosick Street, Congress Street and the Hudson River that will begin in 2008 and could yield more than $600 million in development.

This will increase our tax base, and further our quality of life. We are truly moving Troy forward together.

My opponent is currently mired in one of the most negative campaigns in the history of this City, and that's saying something. Thankfully, most of what he says has been dismissed as nonsense. To believe the idea that there has been no progress in the City of Troy is to have the highest level of ignorance.

Thank you for continuing to read this blog, thank you for the wonderful and supportive e-mails, and many apologies for some recent mailers. Apparently we have had a little glitch and some people have been a receiving extra amounts of mail. We are working on fixing this as we speak.

Have a great night.