Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Amazing Support

Last night we held another terrific event in the re-election campaign, this one was a party hosted by some of my close friends in the Armenian community.

We had a couple hundred people attend the event throughout the night at the Masonic Temple on Route 2. It was a wonderful show of support from a great cross-section of people. We received donations from around the Country, literally, including Florida and a number of other states. And locally, the response was even more amazing.

And the food! Anything you could dream of was there. Thanks to all who put the event together, including Rafi Topalian and the entire group of volunteers that assisted in making sure the party went off without a hitch. Special thanks as well for my father Naz, but that's a column for another day.

Here's a few pictures from the event.

I have a few more, but once again having some issues with Blogger.

It should be an exciting week, as we are certainly in the stretch run of the election. Look for more of the same from my campaign. We will continue to accentuate the positives, while the other guy could do anything, desperation is scary and I am sure he will not go quietly.

Have a wonderful Monday, and thanks to everyone for all the supportive e-mails, they do mean a lot.

Before I leave, I'll post one more picture that shows off the Hudson River nicely. It is such a wonderful resource, and as we grow closer to finally capitalizing on it again, I know that so many people join me in great anticipation of what could possibly be.