Sunday, November 4, 2007

Under 50 Hours To Go...

And down the stretch we come.

Today was quite the busy day, starting off at the Lansingburgh Boys and Girls Club for brunch. It seemed like an excellent turnout, and I am sure it helped out the club tremendously. Congratulations to all involved, and thank you for your continued support of the kids in our City.

After that it was on to a party at the Red Front for supporters and the team that has helped out during the campaign this year. We had about 50 people on hand for lunch, which was nice to have so many supporters around. While the candidates are out there meeting people, answering questions, and making a case to be elected, it is the people who volunteer their time to the campaign that really allow it to happen. Without these people, the work would be nearly impossible.

After the party we had a parade. No really, it was a parade. Everyone piled into my trolley and we had a train of six or seven cars following us, all of them decked out in campaign signs and other paraphernalia, parading around the town honking horns and saying hello to people. The response is truly unbelievable.

We have run a campaign that is the very definition of positive, upbeat, and forward thinking. The exact opposite of my opponent. And people have noticed. From the pumps of the fist and promises of support from complete strangers, to the phrases I'll pass on writing here, it was an excellent trip, and a nice confidence boost heading into the final hours.

Our number one goal now will be getting the vote out on Tuesday. We're moving Troy Forward in the Right Direction. Of that I am positive. Now it is time to keep the momentum. We absolutely cannot afford to take a step backwards.

Have an enjoyable Monday. An oxymoron if there ever was.